Recap NCBC / Road Dog Fall Rally 2004

by Jack Powell


bicycle chain

Blue Jay Point Park The weather conditions on Sept 25th for riding were slightly overcast in the morning hours, without rain nor hot sun, thus it was perfect for cycling. By noon time the sun came out and made perfect conditions for the picnic. Many who attended the event indicated the rally/picnic was a great success.

I made a visual head count of 60+ participants at the start. Most of the ½-metric cyclist were back into BJP Park by 10:30 AM and some hung around and waited for the picnic to start. It appears that most of the cyclist participants elected to ride the Metric route, to the Oxford suburbs and back into Blue Jay Point Park. The first half dozen Metric riders returned to Blue Jay after 2hr. 50min ride lapsed time. Assuming they stopped at Oxford for a couple minutes that must have been a blistering pace up and/or back for the front group of the Metric group cyclist.

I tip my helmet to two true Road Dog, One Speed Bill and Razor Man. I trust others will join me in congratulating Bill Parquet and Tom Sheffield for being the first Century Road Dogs back in to Blue Jay Point Park after completing the 110 mile course!

The scheduled 11:30AM picnic began on time. Most all cyclist were back by noon and attended the picnic. I personally had 3 burgers and 2 hot dogs with lots of trail mix, cookies and beverage (benefits of being near the fire and table all day). I think everyone else left the picnic with hunger satisfied.

Many of those attending the picnic indicated to me that they had a grand time cycling, eating and socializing. Your enjoyment and company made my day. Thank you for you positive comments. Also I want to express my thank to the rally service volunteers (Adrian Hands, Donna Powell, Henri Thomas and Henri's friend Sam.) who gave up their opportunity to ride to helped with the registration and the picnic. I would like to especially acknowledge the NCBC's long standing treasurer Henri Thomas' efforts. Upon my recent back injury, I became incapacitated. I was at the point of canceling the rally and or at least canceling the picnic, when Henri with only a couple days notice managed to procure and delivery all the food/beverage and a gas grill to Blue Jay Park to "save the day" for the Road Dog organizers. Thank you Henri.

For those interested in my recovery, at this time it looks like I will be able to avoid surgery. My progress is acceptable. I am still having some trouble sitting for long periods, but am able to stand and walk with ease. I went back to work last week doing light duty. I rode the tandem with Donna today for 32 miles, first time on the bike in weeks. We were slow but had a fun afternoon and it helped my moral a lot to be back on the bike. Hope to see everyone on the road soon.

Capt'n Jack

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