NCBC Spring Rally - behind the scenes

by David Cole

bicycle chain

There's a lot that goes on to host an event such as the Spring Rally. I thought I'd describe what all I saw as co-director (along with Henri Bohl).

Things started back in January when Jim Fredley started visiting local bike shops and drumming up support for the rally. Through Jim's efforts we got early agreements with The Spin Cycle, Bikes USA, All Star Bike Shop, and Coca Cola (for PowerAde).

We agreed back in February to use Bond Park as the starting point, so I made the necessary reservations with the Cary Community Center and then sumitted a special events permit to the Town of Cary (which is how we got the police escort at the beginning of the ride).

As we proceeded into February and March, I had planned on selecting the route and putting together the maps and cue sheets, but Al Johnson stepped in and did a masterful job of selecting the routes, composing the maps, riding the routes to verify the distances, and writing up the cue sheets. Al, Henri, and I each secured the permission from the owners of the selected sag stops (this hasn't always been done in the past).

I pulled together a registration form which included the LAB's liability waiver information so that Tim Hunter could include it in the April newsletter. Tim prepared a special, 4-page ride calendar to be distributed to the local bike shops (by David Saussey) promoting the rally.

Henri Bohl kept the ball moving and solicited help from club members. Carol Schroeder graciously stepped forward and volunteered to handle getting the T-shirts printed. I don't know if Carol knew at the time how many trips she'd be making to Fuquay-Varina.

Scott Gallimore volunteered to help mark the route, so he and I spent an afternoon driving the course and painting the arrows. This took about six hours (and two cans of spray paint) to cover all three courses.

Katherine O'Malley agreed to work with all the various sponsors, so she made the pick-up arangements with Brueggers Bagels, Coke, Crystal Spring Water and got all the details squared away with the bike shops. Katherine also collected the logos from the sponsors and delivered them to Carol to be printed on the T-shirts.

Sheila Miller made arrangements with Austen Foods for the cookies and crackers, but then Henri undertook the logistically challenging task of gathering up all the coolers and ice chests, buying the bananas, and picking up the items from Austen.

Meanwhile I made copies of the registration forms and made signs to direct folks to parking areas.

As the day approached we had additional items fall into place. Rick Ferguson agreed to man sag stop 3, and Jim Fredley agreed to sweep the century route. Several folks agreed to ride with cell phones so any problems could be called in. We also had help with registration from Jack and Donna Powell, Leslie Horton, Carol Schroeder, and Katherine O'Malley.

Now that the event has passed, there's still a few items remaining. Al Johnson will be updating the club database with info from the registration forms. Katherine O'Malley will be writing thank-you letters to the sponsors. Henri Bohl and I will be securing the remaining items (food, coolers, and such) and provide them to Sheila Miller for the upcoming Summer Rally.

I share all of this both to express my thanks for everyones' help and so that folks will appreciate what it takes to host this type of event. I also encourage each of you, whenever you have the opportunity, to personally thank the sponsors of the Spring Rally. Please let folks like Kevin and Phoebe Coggins at the Spin Cycle and Eric at Bikes USA know that you really appreciate their contributions and participation.

I also want to express my personal thanks to Henri Bohl for her tireless efforts and for spending a full 12 hours at Bond Park the day of the Rally.

And don't forget... the Summer Rally is coming up on Sunday, July 13th. Please contact Sheila Miller at to let her know how you can help!

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