Tour de Lakes 2000 (Continued)

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Tour de Lakes 2000
4th year
a fully loaded bicycle tour

As of 4/4/00 the Roster looks like:

Laura / Duncan McCabe
Jack / Donna Powell
Jack’s son Bryan and his lady friend Renee’
Ed Downing
Jerry Allen and his son
Jeremy Rawl,
and maybe Dan Edgerton.

I have the q sht drafted for TdL.:
Looks like 79,64,66,83= 292
Raleigh/Durham to  HYCO, to Staunton River, to North Bend(Kerr Dam), to Raleigh/Durham.

We will not get to Smith Mountain Lake this year as hoped. We will do it next year on 8-9 day trip.

Jerry and his son are only doing the first 3 days, (Jerry short on vacation time). He and his son will head back to Durham from Staunton River, when main group heads for North Bend (Dam). Any others wanting only a 3 day trip can follow Jerry home on Sunday to Durham, est 70 miles. A special Q sht will be available later.

Others doing 4 day trip, [but starting in Durham (Jerry’s) and meeting us at Bahama on day 1), will have a 68 mile ride on day 4 from North Bend to Durham. A special Q sht will be available later.

If weather is bad on day 2 or 3 we can shorten the route those days maybe 10-15 miles. You could also add on 10 mile, if weather is good and all riders are strong ,fit and well. Not much we can do with day 1 or 4 to shorten trip, if we leave from Jack’s house.

I think Ed likes to ride from home and return to home on bike. We have done it both ways and it is nice to leave from home. But in either case, McCabe’s will have to drive to Raleigh or Durham.  Leaving from Jack’s house may allow McCabe’s to drive up Friday morning, unless they prefer to come Thursday night. Either is ok with us. If they come up Thursday night, at least we know where they are on Friday Morning. Duncan, Laura, and Ed, what is your opinion on this?

Q sht drafted as follows for day 1-4:

day 1:
We will leave from my house here on south side of Raleigh and meet Ed at about mile 5. We will cycle through Cary or Apex in early AM and out to RTP via rt 54 or Davis Drive. There will be traffic till mile 24. After crossing hwy 70 at end of Miami Blvd., west of airport,  traffic should thin out due to time of day and location.  We meet Jerry and Durham riders at Bahama store, about mile 42. Group goes to HYCO together. Total day one 79 miles, shortest route from Jack’s to HYCO.  May need to add on 5 miles to avoid using  rt 54, will discuss with Ed how he went north last year.

Day 2 and 3 are in the woods. 
Great riding except for 5 miles on hwy 360 @ South Boston. Alternates, on day 2 we could go north across Dan River and northeast around South Boston through Halifax, but  would miss crossing Mayo Resivor. I assume there is a store at Halifax. ( this would be a bushwack day). I don’t have prior riding experience in that area but do know there is only one low traffic bridge over Dan River between South Boston and Danville. Day 3 will not go through Clarksville so no machine laundry service this year. We pass Food Lion in Chase City. Great view at Dam. Also good county grocery store at dam.

Day 4 goes south on the east side of US1. We have ridden that route from Kerr Lake/Henderson area to our house ( south Raleigh) before. It is a nice alternate to boring us bk rt 1 and bypasses Raleigh. The route comes in through Rolesville/Knightdale/Garner. Traffic will not be bad as most cars will be out bound from Raleigh and we will be inbound at Garner.

Please reply by April 22 ,if you plan to go.
Questions, e-mail

Jack Powell
Tour Director

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